OUR STORY……… how it all started

The Fishcoin dream was born after a few beers between mates.

Josh Walker grew up in Australia, in northern Tasmania. He had visualised the idea of a global fishing challenge for approximately 10 years.

In October 2018 Josh, who was living in Finland, arranged for his mate Philippe Hogsten from Norway to stay, who was flying over to Finland for a personal appointment.

Josh and Philippe had first met back in 2015 when he was on a work trip in Finland.

Over a few beers, Josh introduced his idea.

As the beers flowed, brainstorming ideas improved.

A fishing app, it was agreed, was the best option. The app would allow users to interact in real-time to challenge each other from anywhere around the globe, as well as challenging themselves if fishing alone.

As Philippe flew back to Norway, Josh immediately started putting the app idea on paper.

Over the next week, Josh drew up 45 pages of every screen, the logistics of every button of every screen, and what screen each button would take you to.

Josh took pictures of each drawing, sent them to Philippe and they both agreed this was a winning solution.

“Awesome, let’s do it”.

The ideas that developed over those beers, along with Josh’s longterm vision, had started the dream journey.

A company was set up in Tasmania, Australia, along with Josh’s father John Walker, who was based in Tasmania.

The company was then officially named FISHCOIN PTY LTD in February 2019.

Philippe was travelling with his work, via California, when he bumped into a guy named Eric Chee. He was an app developer, working for the Amazon development team.

Eric built the first prototype, and it had started to come to life, working exactly how it was pictured it to be.

Unfortunately, Eric landed another job teaching development at a university in California and couldn't continue the project.

Eric agreed to always give his advice when needed, as he saw the project as “unique and interesting”. Eric pointed them in the right direction to find the next development team and was able to give full professional advice on quotes received.

Fishcoin Pty Ltd was very happy when they come across a professional and friendly team called Techingenious.

After finding Techingenious, the Fishcoin team grew through family and friends. The dream was on its way again.

Techingenious were very responsive. It didn’t matter what time zone in the world, what day or time it was, they were there to answer any questions promptly and able to deliver exactly what the vision was, back in October 2018.

The Fishcoin team are extremely happy to share the dream with everyone around the globe.

With tight lines, good luck and a fair breeze during the Fishcoin year, we hope you’ll be part of the world final.

Best Regards,
Fishcoin Team